Diamonds are a girl's best friend and friendship is a two way street, honey.

Luxle creates fine and delicate jewelry that should be treated with care.

Luxle is created to add luxury to your day, so wear often. Avoid pulling or tugging on jewelry  as well as sweat or water.

Keep it professional when it comes to cleaning your Luxle pieces and leave DIY tricks to Pinterest as home cleaning methods may cause damage.


“You are gold baby, solid gold” but we actually are.

Our jewelry is  made with the highest quality materials and perfected techniques to provide the best product.  100% gold is too soft for jewelry so we use 14k gold (white, yellow and rose) for our pieces to be luxurious as well as durable to everyday wear.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make the best jewelry, how else would we get the diamonds.

Choosing the best diamonds is a top priority. Pave diamonds are held in a setting to create a beautiful and seamless look to every piece.  Our settings have detailed design that create the type of shine Rihanna sings about.

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